Mixed media installation
HD video with sound, looped, 14 min
Prop books on loan from The Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre, Denmark
Chandeliers from artist’s own archive

I used to work as a prompter in a theatre. I sat in a small dark room on the side off the stage. There was only space for a chair and a script holder that was lit by a tiny light, pointing down on all the lines and stage directions. I knew every line, every movement of all the actor’s bodies.
I could only see a slice of the stage, so I had to listen very carefully. If someone forgot a line I had to whisper one or two words to get them started again. But not too fast, the actor could be pausing for effect, and not too slow for the audience not to notice the mistake and thereby destroy the illusion.
The prompter is invisible for the audience and sometimes for the actors, but this invisible voice holds a great responsibility for the play’s unfolding. It is a strange position to be in. The actors are happy that you are there, but at don’t like constantly being reminded of their own fallibility.

Birgitte Hansen
Karen Hoffmann
Susanne Cathrine Lyngbøl
Birgitte Makalhof
Yvonne Tabart
Line Wilton

Composer: Louise Alenius (2015)
Sound Engineer: Erik Medeiros

Many thanks to:
Aarhus Theatre, DK
Aarhus Theatre archive, DK
Cirkusrevyen, DK
The Royal Danish Theatre (all three houses), The Royal Danish Theatre Archive and
library, The Royal Danish Theatre Set Productions Workshops, DK
The Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre, DK
Vendsyssel Theatre, DK

Support for production:
The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Visual Arts
Project Funding (international production grant)