Magnetic levitation2


A trilogy

Part I, the stage before and after the beginning
(Photographic c-prints, Hahnemühle Photo Rag)

Part II, perpeptual motion machine

Part III, the altar and the box
(mixed media installation)

Magnetic Levitation investigates belief, religious architecture, rituals and staging of objects. Over a year I observed a group in London who believe in storing and unloading their energy from a battery. This trilogy is inspired by the magical formations of the Pinhole Camera, the book “Physics Impossible” by physicist Michio Kaku and the Orgone Accumulators built by psychoanalyst Wilhem Reich from 1940: machines that collect and transfer orgone energy to a human being.

Credits: David Peter Schmidt, composed music for altar and the box Kamera udlejning ApS
Absalon Kirkeby, Søren Skovgaard and Maria Schwarz Lausten