Mixed media installation
HD video with sound, looped, 18 min
Photograph, hahnemühle archival photo paper, 130x 86 cm
Photographic mirror plate 8,5 x 6,5 cm

In 2004, I was living in New York, attending an acting course with Danish director Per Brahe. He works with Shakespeare’s texts and hand-made masks from Bali. Some of the masks are made from drawings of photographs of people. One autumn afternoon, in Brooklyn, I wore one of these masks. My whole body posture changed, as if something had lifted me. When Per asked me to talk (I was going to recite my monologue) I started to sing opera, which was absurd because I can’t sing at all. This experience stayed with me ever since as something I couldn’t explain. In October 2013, I went back to New York to find Per and his masks.

Sound Engineer: Erik Medeiros
Colin Huggins, piano player in Washington Square Park
“The Walking Dance” by Akil Davis
The William Esper Studio
New York University
Sofie Alsbo, Sidsel Christensen, Seecum Cheung,
Anna Erbrederis, Kira Freije, Erin Taylor Kennedy, James Merchant,
Naja Bak Rantorp, Sebastian Lloyd Rees, Wanda Wieser and Tom Worsfold

A special warm thanks to Per Brahe, Akil Davis and all their fantastic students